Howdy Ya’ll from Coldlanta

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Bikini Butt Wall Art - Yup that's real  2 sizes Available!

Bikini Butt Wall Art – Yup that’s real 2 sizes Available!

This weeks edition we will take a brief journey to the thriving metropolis known as Atlanta, Hotlanta or in this case; Coldlanta.

My associate Designer Jordan and I traveled down south for the International Home and Gift show held at America’s Mart.

America’s Mart is a ginormous 3 building complex in downtown Atlanta, totaling over 50 floors and an untold amount of square footage.  It is comprised of mini (and not so mini) corporate showrooms to everything you could possibly imagine that is sold in every home goods and gift stores in the US.

Traveling to Atlanta was anything but fun last week.   The previous snow storm and then polar vortex wreaked havoc on the fragile airline industry.

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